Fall, my favorite season. Change is represented in every season, but fall feels drastic. In the winter we have snow. In the spring, we have flowers and I have allergies and in the summer we have sun. This fall, we’ve experienced interesting weather here in NYC. Some days have been freezing while others have been too warm for even a light jacket.

Eventually the cold days will outnumber the warm ones. The leaves will fall and apple picking will be put to rest until next year. But for now, fall is fighting the change (*cough* thanks global warming, I digress). My point is that transitional periods can be really unsettling.

We can contrast the weather with our personal lives and realize that change is inevitable. Life goes on with or without you. It can be hard waking up not knowing if it’s going to be hot or cold tomorrow, or if we’ll finally get that job offer, or lose 20 pounds, or find the love of our lives, etc.

Sometimes we have to trust in the universe during these times. Times where things are ambiguous and change feels impossible to overcome.

I took a class with a friend of mine yesterday and we talked about the importance of pushing yourself through what is immediately uncomfortable to reach the long term results you desire.

She put it this way, you know when you’re sad and you’re in bed and you know that getting up and seeing friends and doing things will make you feel better, but you also know that continuing to lay there wallowing in your depression will make you feel better in the moment? You have to push past the urge to settle for temporary relief in order to accomplish whatever it is that you’re wanting to accomplish long term.

I had a pity party for myself recently. It lasted maybe a little over a month. I was dealing with some really tough stuff and I was letting my emotions and negative thoughts steer me.

Eventually I took hold of the situation and have been making small changes every day to improve it.

I stopped allowing myself to play the victim and instead made a game plan of how to take control of my life and my situation.

It’s so annoying that things don’t change overnight, right? I mean if anyone loves instant gratification it’s me, but I’m learning that there are so many lessons and benefits from working towards goals. I mean seriously sitting yourself down and reevaluating your life and figuring out what the hell you want for yourself and your life.

I think we procrastinate doing this because it’s scary and it’s overwhelming, but it’s also really exciting!

What do you want for your life? How will you weather the changing seasons and where do you want to be in the new year?

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